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Taiwanese Oolong Tea is a semi-oxidized tea, known for its complex and multifaceted flavor profiles that capture the essence of Taiwan’s rich tea-growing heritage. The taiwan oolong tea lies between green and black tea in terms of oxidation, typically ranging from 15% to 80%, allowing for a diverse range of flavors from floral and light to rich and robust. Originating from the mist-covered highlands and fertile plains of Taiwan, these teas are renowned for their quality, thanks to the island’s unique climate, altitude, and dedicated cultivation practices. Each leaf is meticulously hand-picked and processed to preserve the intricate characteristics that make Taiwanese Oolong a favorite among tea enthusiasts worldwide.

Our collection of Formosa Oolong tea exemplifies the refined craftsmanship and dedication of Taiwanese tea masters, delivering teas that boast floral aromas, sweet undertones, and a smooth, creamy finish. Grown at elevations exceeding 1,000 meters, our teas benefit from the cool, misty climate, which enhances their distinctive flavors and aromatic depth. Each cup reveals a harmonious blend of taste and aroma, from the delicate, light nuances to the rich, honey-like sweetness, offering a premium experience that captures the essence of Taiwan’s tea culture. Each variety in our selection undergoes a meticulous process of hand-picking, precise oxidation, and expert rolling, resulting in a perfect balance of complexity and elegance. Whether you seek a light, floral tea to invigorate your senses or a deeper, more robust flavor to savor, our Taiwanese Oolong Teas cater to every palate.

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