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Each cup of our rose oolong tea offers a delightful blend of sweet rose fragrance and the refreshing, slightly honeyed notes of oolong, creating a harmonious and sophisticated flavor profile. The carefully selected rose petals are naturally air-dried to preserve their vibrant essence, while the oolong tea contributes a robust and enduring aroma. This exquisite combination results in a tea that is both soothing and invigorating, perfect for any time of day. Our Rose Oolong Tea boasts a beautiful, bright yellow-green infusion, with the rose petals and oolong leaves naturally unfolding to release their delicate floral aroma. The tea’s golden ratio of flowers to leaves ensures a balanced and refreshing taste, with a smooth, sweet finish that lingers pleasantly on the palate. Enjoy a cup of this premium tea to indulge in the unique interplay of floral and tea flavors, offering a truly captivating and rejuvenating experience.

Rose Oolong Tea is a unique blend that combines the floral elegance of rose petals with the rich, aromatic notes of premium oolong tea. This exquisite tea offers a harmonious fusion of flavors, resulting in a refreshing and soothing beverage that delights the senses. The combination of these two elements creates a tea that is both visually appealing and incredibly flavorful, making it a popular choice for tea enthusiasts seeking a refined and enjoyable drinking experience.

Rose Oolong Tea offers a delightful flavor profile that combines the sweet, floral notes of roses with the rich, slightly honeyed taste of oolong tea. Each sip provides a smooth, refreshing experience with a lingering sweetness that is both soothing and invigorating. Beyond its exquisite taste, Rose Oolong Tea is also known for its numerous health benefits, including aiding digestion, boosting metabolism, and providing antioxidants. This makes it not only a delicious beverage but also a beneficial addition to a healthy lifestyle.

Features of Our Rose Oolong Tea

  • Ingredients: Our Rose Oolong Tea combines premium oolong tea leaves with freshly picked, double-petaled rose petals, offering a perfect blend of floral and tea flavors.
  • Origin: This tea is crafted from high-quality oolong leaves sourced from the renowned tea-growing regions, ensuring a rich and authentic taste.
  • Appearance: The tea boasts a visually appealing mix of vibrant rose petals and tightly rolled, dark green oolong leaves, which unfurl beautifully during brewing.
  • Aroma: Experience a captivating aroma with each brew, featuring the sweet, soothing scent of roses mingled with the rich, slightly honeyed fragrance of oolong tea.
  • Flavor: Enjoy a harmonious blend of floral sweetness and the smooth, refreshing taste of oolong, with a hint of natural honey and a clean, lingering finish.
  • Quality: Our Rose Oolong Tea is crafted using whole leaves and petals, dried through a meticulous process to lock in freshness and ensure safety, resulting in a pure and delightful tea experience.
  • Tea Liquor: The brewed tea presents a bright yellow-green color, clear and inviting, with a delicate floral scent that enhances the overall drinking experience.
  • Processing: The rose petals undergo high-temperature processing to preserve their essence, while the oolong tea is meticulously dried and roasted to maintain its robust flavor.
  • Brewing Experience: The natural unfolding of the tea leaves and rose petals during brewing releases a gentle, elegant aroma, making each cup a soothing and invigorating experience.
  • Versatility: Suitable for both hot and cold brews, our Rose Oolong Tea offers a refreshing pick-me-up or a relaxing moment of tranquility, perfect for any time of day.

What Does Rose Oolong Tea Taste Like?

As you bring the cup of rose oolong tea to your lips, you are greeted with a delicate and sweet floral aroma, reminiscent of a blooming rose garden. This initial fragrance sets the stage for a truly delightful tea experience. Upon tasting, the first note that hits your palate is the soft, elegant sweetness of the rose petals. This floral sweetness is subtle yet distinct, providing a gentle introduction to the more complex flavors that follow. The rose flavor is natural and pure, without being overpowering, allowing you to savor its delicate essence.

As the floral notes mellow, the rich, robust flavor of the oolong tea begins to emerge. This high-quality Ti Kwan Yin oolong tea offers a smooth and slightly creamy texture that complements the floral sweetness perfectly. You will notice hints of honey and a mild, natural sweetness that adds depth to the overall flavor. The oolong tea’s characteristic roasted undertones provide a well-rounded and satisfying taste, creating a harmonious blend with the rose petals.

The finish of Rose Oolong Tea is particularly noteworthy. After swallowing, a pleasant and lingering sweetness remains on your palate, accompanied by a light, refreshing floral aftertaste. This lingering finish makes each sip more enjoyable than the last, leaving you with a clean and invigorating sensation.

How Our Rose Oolong Tea Is Produced?

Our Rose Oolong Tea is crafted through a meticulous and traditional process that ensures the highest quality and flavor. Here’s an in-depth look at how we produce this exquisite tea:

  1. Fresh Flower Processing: The journey begins with the careful selection and harvesting of fresh rose petals. These petals are picked at their peak to capture their full aromatic potential. Once harvested, the petals are spread out and allowed to air-dry under optimal conditions. This process helps to retain their natural freshness and vibrant fragrance, which are crucial for infusing the tea with their unique floral notes.
  2. Scenting Process: The heart of our production process is the intricate scenting stage, where the floral essence is infused into the oolong tea leaves. The rose petals and oolong tea are layered alternately in a process called ‘窨制’ (xun zhi). This method involves allowing the rose petals to release their fragrance while the tea leaves absorb it. This layering technique is repeated several times to ensure the tea leaves are thoroughly imbued with the delicate rose aroma.
  3. Ventilation and Aeration: After the initial layering, the mixture is left to ventilate and aerate for about six hours. This step is crucial as it allows the tea leaves to continue absorbing the floral fragrance from the rose petals. Proper aeration also helps in dissipating any excess moisture, ensuring the petals maintain their aromatic properties and do not become overly moist.
  4.  Flower Separation: Following a 12-hour scenting period, during which the roses begin to change color, indicating they have imparted their essence to the tea, the rose petals are carefully separated from the tea leaves. This step ensures that the tea leaves retain the pure floral fragrance without becoming overly saturated with moisture from the petals.
  5. Roasting: The tea leaves are then roasted to remove any remaining moisture and to lock in the floral fragrance. This roasting process is done with precision to maintain the tea’s integrity, ensuring it has the right amount of moisture content. The roasting not only preserves the flavor but also enhances the tea’s rich, slightly roasted notes, which complement the floral aroma.
  6.  Final Scenting and Packaging: In the final stage, the tea leaves undergo an additional scenting process with fresh rose petals to reinforce the floral fragrance. After multiple scenting cycles, the tea is ready for packaging. The final product is then carefully packed to preserve its freshness, ensuring that every cup of our Rose Oolong Tea offers a delightful and aromatic experience.

This meticulous process guarantees that our Rose Oolong Tea delivers a superior and consistent flavor profile, combining the sweet, delicate notes of roses with the rich, robust taste of premium oolong tea

How to Tell the Quality of Rose Oolong Tea?

For customers who want to have high-quality rose oolong tea, here are four helpful tips to guide you how to select rose oolong:

  • Appearance of the Leaves: High-quality Rose Oolong Tea can be identified by examining the appearance of the tea leaves and rose petals. The oolong leaves should be tightly rolled, dark green, and free from any discoloration or damage. These characteristics indicate careful harvesting and processing methods. The rose petals should be vibrant, intact, and retain their natural color, showcasing their freshness. Avoid teas with broken, faded, or brittle leaves and petals, as these are indicators of lower quality and potential mishandling during production. The combination of pristine oolong leaves and fresh rose petals signifies a well-crafted blend that promises a superior tea experience. A visually appealing blend is often a good indicator of the care and quality that went into its production.
  • Aroma and Fragrance: High-quality rose oolong will emit a strong, pleasant floral fragrance mixed with the rich scent of oolong. When you open the tea package, the fresh, sweet smell of roses should be immediately noticeable, followed by the deep, slightly roasted aroma of oolong tea. This natural, balanced fragrance indicates that both the roses and oolong tea have been carefully processed to retain their essential oils and aromatic compounds. If the tea lacks a strong fragrance or has a musty, artificial, or stale smell, it is likely of inferior quality. The natural, balanced aroma is a hallmark of premium Rose Oolong Tea, offering a preview of the delightful taste experience to come.
  • Taste and Flavor Profile: A top-tier blend of rose oolong tea will offer a harmonious balance between the floral sweetness of rose petals and the smooth, robust flavor of oolong tea. The tea should have a clean, refreshing taste with a natural sweetness and a lingering floral aftertaste. This balance is achieved through meticulous blending and processing techniques. Any bitterness, astringency, or artificial flavors can indicate poor processing, low-quality ingredients, or improper storage. The complexity and depth of flavor in high-quality Rose Oolong Tea provide a delightful and memorable drinking experience. The intricate interplay of floral and tea notes should leave a lasting impression, making each sip a pleasure.
  • Clarity and Color of the Brew: Premium Rose Oolong Tea should produce a bright, clear yellow-green infusion. This clarity signifies proper processing and the use of high-quality ingredients. The tea liquor should be free of any cloudiness, sediment, or floating particles, which can be signs of inferior processing or contamination. The vibrant color reflects the freshness of the ingredients and the careful craftsmanship involved in creating the blend. A clear, bright tea with a beautiful hue is a visual confirmation of its high quality, enhancing the overall tea-drinking experience. The appealing color, combined with the clarity, ensures that the tea is not only delightful to taste but also a pleasure to behold

Why Our Rose Oolong Tea Is So Good?

Indulge in the captivating fusion of delicate rose petals and robust oolong tea, meticulously crafted for an exceptional tea experience. For customers wondering where to buy rose oolong tea, here are five main reasons why Oolong Garden is your best choice:

  • Superior Ingredient Selection: Our Rose Oolong Tea is crafted using the finest quality oolong tea leaves and fresh, double-petaled rose petals. The oolong leaves are meticulously harvested from renowned tea-growing regions known for their rich soil and ideal climatic conditions, which contribute to their robust flavor profile. The rose petals are picked at the peak of their bloom, ensuring they capture their full aromatic potential. This careful selection process ensures that each ingredient retains its natural qualities, resulting in a tea blend that is both flavorful and aromatic. By prioritizing the quality and freshness of our ingredients, we ensure that every cup of our Rose Oolong Tea provides a superior and delightful tea-drinking experience.
  • Traditional Craftsmanship: We honor traditional methods in the production of our Rose Oolong Tea, enhancing the natural flavors of our ingredients. The oolong leaves undergo a meticulous process of withering, rolling, and roasting, which develops their complex, rich taste and slightly roasted undertones. The rose petals are carefully layered with the oolong tea, allowing the floral fragrance to infuse seamlessly into the tea leaves during a precise scenting process. This artisanal approach, perfected over generations, ensures that the tea achieves a perfect balance of floral and tea notes. Each sip of our Rose Oolong Tea offers a sophisticated and enjoyable taste, reflecting the skill and dedication involved in its crafting.
  • Exquisite Flavor Harmony: Our Rose Oolong Tea is celebrated for its harmonious blend of flavors that delight the palate. The sweet, floral notes of the rose petals perfectly complement the robust, slightly honeyed flavor of the oolong tea. This balance creates a smooth, refreshing taste with a natural sweetness that lingers pleasantly after each sip. The intricate interplay between the delicate floral essence and the rich, full-bodied tea results in a unique and memorable flavor profile. This carefully crafted harmony of tastes ensures that our Rose Oolong Tea stands out from other blends, offering a truly exquisite and sophisticated tea-drinking experience.
  • Unmatched Freshness: Ensuring the freshness of our ingredients is paramount to delivering the best possible flavor in our Rose Oolong Tea. The rose petals are processed immediately after harvesting using high-temperature techniques that preserve their vibrant fragrance and natural oils. Similarly, the oolong leaves are expertly dried and roasted to maintain their rich, robust flavor and aromatic qualities. This meticulous attention to preserving freshness guarantees that our tea retains its full aromatic and flavor potential. As a result, every cup of our Rose Oolong Tea offers a vibrant, aromatic experience, making it a superior choice for tea enthusiasts seeking both quality and freshness.
  •  Visual and Sensory Appeal: Our Rose Oolong Tea is not only a delight to the taste buds but also a visual and sensory treat. The blend features vibrant rose petals and dark green oolong leaves, creating a stunning visual contrast that is pleasing to the eye. When brewed, the tea produces a bright yellow-green infusion that is clear and inviting, signaling its quality and freshness. The natural unfolding of the leaves and petals during brewing releases a captivating floral aroma that enhances the overall tea-drinking experience. This visual and aromatic appeal makes each cup of our Rose Oolong Tea a feast for the senses, elevating the enjoyment of this exquisite beverage

Premium Grade


150g/5.29oz (50 bags), 300g/10.58oz (100 bags)


Oolong Garden

Health Benefits

Detoxing, Energy, Slimming




Hot & Iced

Forms & Package

Tea Bag


Fair Trade, Gluten-free, Kosher, Low-calorie, Sugar-free, Vegan

Tea Type

Herbal Tea, Oolong Tea





Fermentation Level

Lightly Fermented

Roasting Level

Lightly Roasted


Low Caffeine

Harvest Region

Anxi, Fujian Province


Rose Tea

How to Brew Rose Oolong Tea?

Hot Brew Rose Oolong Tea Method

Ingredients and Tools:

  • 1 tea bag of Rose Oolong Tea
  • 200ml-300ml of hot water (90-100℃)
  • Teapot or cup with a lid


  1. Prepare the Water: Heat water to a temperature between 90-100℃ (194-212℉). This ensures the tea leaves release their full flavor without becoming bitter.
  2. Steep the Tea Bag: Place one tea bag of Rose Oolong Tea in your teapot or cup. Pour the hot water over the tea bag.
  3. Steeping Time: Cover and let the tea steep for 3-5 minutes. This time allows the delicate rose and oolong flavors to infuse fully.
  4. Enjoy: Remove the tea bag and enjoy your fragrant cup of Rose Oolong Tea. For added sweetness, you can stir in a teaspoon of honey.

Note: Rose Rice Wine Flavored Oolong Tea is not recommended for hot brewing as the aroma may dissipate.

Quick Cold Brew Rose Oolong Method

Ingredients and Tools:

  • 1 tea bag of Rose Oolong Tea
  • Bottle of chilled mineral water
  • Reusable bottle or shaker


  1. Add the Tea Bag: Place one tea bag of Rose Oolong Tea into a bottle of chilled mineral water.
  2. Shake Vigorously: Tighten the bottle cap and shake vigorously for about a minute. This helps to release the tea flavors quickly.
  3. Rest: Let the bottle sit for at least 8 minutes.
  4. Enjoy: After the waiting period, your refreshing cold-brewed Rose Oolong Tea is ready to enjoy.

Slow Cold Brew Rose Oolong Method

Ingredients and Tools:

  • 1 tea bag of Rose Oolong Tea
  • Bottle of mineral water
  • Refrigerator


  1. Prepare the Water: Fill a bottle with mineral water and add one tea bag of Rose Oolong Tea.
  2. Refrigerate: Place the bottle in the refrigerator and let it steep for 8 hours. This slow infusion process allows the tea to develop a deep, complex flavor.
  3. Enjoy: After 8 hours, your tea is ready to be enjoyed cold. The slow brew method ensures a smooth and aromatic taste.

Special Note: For the best flavor, always use high-quality mineral water. This enhances the delicate floral and rich oolong notes of the tea.

Premium Rose Oolong Tea from China


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