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Oriental Beauty Oolong Bai Hao White Tip Oolong Tea from Taiwan


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Known for its vibrant multi-colored leaves, our oriental beauty oolong tea is a result of natural leafhopper bites, which enhance its unique honey and fruit aroma. Each sip reveals a smooth, amber-colored liquor with a rich, sweet taste and lingering aftertaste. Hand-picked and crafted using traditional methods, our white tip oolong tea offers a truly exquisite experience with every cup, making it a must-have for tea connoisseurs. Our Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea stands out for its meticulous production process and eco-friendly practices. Every pound of this tea is made from 4.5 pounds of fresh, hand-harvested tea leaves, ensuring the highest quality. The natural sweetness derived from the interaction with tea green leafhoppers, combined with its high amino acid content, makes this tea both delicious and beneficial. Experience the perfect blend of tradition and nature with our Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea, a symbol of elegance and refined taste

Product Features of Our White Tip Oolong Tea

  • Premium Ingredients: Our Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea is made from young, hand-picked buds and leaves, ensuring only the finest quality.
  • Exclusive Origin: Sourced from the renowned Hsinchu County in Taiwan, particularly from the Beipu and Emei regions, known for their ideal tea-growing conditions.
  • Distinctive Appearance: The dry leaves are multi-colored, featuring shades of white, green, yellow, red, and brown, and are naturally curled, resembling delicate flowers.
  • Captivating Aroma: This white tip oolong tea is known for its enchanting honey and ripe fruit aroma, a result of the natural fermentation induced by tea green leafhopper bites.
  • Rich Flavor Profile: The brewed tea of this oriental beauty oolong offers a smooth, amber-colored liquor with a sweet, mellow taste and a lingering aftertaste of honey and fruit.
  • High-Quality Craftsmanship: Each pound of this bai hao oolong tea is crafted from 4.5 pounds of fresh, spring-harvested leaves, meticulously processed using traditional methods to preserve its natural essence.
  • Eco-Friendly Practices: Our white tip oolong tea is cultivated without pesticides to attract beneficial insects, marking it as an ecological product.
  • Exceptional Leaf Quality: The tea leaves of our bai hao oolong tea are rich in amino acids, with plump, soft buds that showcase the perfect balance of strength and delicacy.
  • Health Benefits: Packed with antioxidants, our Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea supports overall health, boosts metabolism, and promotes relaxation

What Is Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea?

Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea, also known as Bai Hao Oolong tea or white tip oolong tea, is a distinguished Taiwan oolong tea celebrated for its unique flavor and striking appearance. The name “Oriental Beauty” was given by Queen Elizabeth II, who was enchanted by its beautiful presentation and delightful taste. “Bai Hao” translates to “white tip,” referencing the tea’s distinctive white-tipped leaves, while “Oolong” signifies its semi-oxidized nature. This white tip oolong tea is a product of nature’s artistry, involving a symbiotic relationship with the tea green leafhopper, which contributes to its exceptional sweetness and complexity. Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea stands out not just for its flavor but also for its story, making it a prized selection among tea enthusiasts worldwide.

The history of Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea dates back to the late 19th century in the tea-growing regions of Taiwan. Its discovery was serendipitous; local farmers noticed that tea leaves bitten by the tea green leafhopper yielded a sweeter and more aromatic tea. This natural fermentation process intrigued tea makers, who began to cultivate and refine the production method. The tea quickly gained fame, especially in European markets, for its unique taste and enchanting appearance. By the mid-20th century, it had become a symbol of Taiwan’s tea craftsmanship. Today, Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea remains one of Taiwan’s most celebrated teas, revered for its rich history and exceptional quality that reflect the dedication and skill of Taiwanese tea farmers.

The production of Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea is a meticulous and labor-intensive process that highlights traditional Taiwanese tea craftsmanship. The journey begins with the hand-picking of young buds and leaves during the spring season. These leaves are then left to wither naturally in the sun, attracting the tea green leafhopper, whose bites start the crucial oxidation process. The bitten leaves are carefully rolled and undergo further controlled oxidation, typically between 60-70%, which imparts the tea’s distinctive honey and fruit flavors. This semi-oxidation process creates a tea that beautifully balances the qualities of both green and black teas. Finally, the leaves of our white tip oolong tea are dried to perfection, resulting in a tea with vibrant, multi-colored leaves and a captivating taste profile that is both complex and refreshing.

What Does Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea Taste Like?

Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea offers a truly unique and captivating taste experience that sets it apart from other teas. The first thing you will notice is its alluring honey aroma, which is both sweet and enticing. This fragrance is a direct result of the natural interaction between the tea leaves and the tea green leafhopper, which induces a natural fermentation process while the leaves are still on the plant. As you take your first sip, the white tip oolong tea greets your palate with a smooth, mellow flavor that is immediately pleasing. The initial sweetness is reminiscent of honey, but not overpoweringly so. Instead, it is delicately balanced with subtle notes of ripe fruit, creating a complex flavor profile that unfolds gracefully with each sip.

The mid-palate reveals the white tip oolong tea’s rich, full-bodied character. The semi-oxidized leaves contribute to a depth of flavor that combines the freshness of green tea with the robustness of black tea. This duality is what makes Oriental Beauty Oolong so special. The unique production process, which includes both withering and controlled oxidation, results in a tea that captures the best of both worlds. You may detect hints of peach or apricot, adding a delightful fruity undertone that complements the tea’s natural sweetness. These fruity notes are not just a fleeting sensation but a core component of the tea’s identity. The white tip oolong tea’s texture is smooth and silky, providing a luxurious mouthfeel that enhances the overall drinking experience. This smoothness makes each sip feel like a refined indulgence, perfect for both everyday enjoyment and special occasions.

As you continue to savor the bai hao oolong tea, you will notice its remarkable finish. The aftertaste is long-lasting, leaving a pleasant sweetness that lingers on your palate. This lingering effect is a hallmark of high-quality oolong teas, and Oriental Beauty is no exception. The honey and fruit notes remain present, gradually giving way to a light, floral hint that adds a refreshing touch to the finish. This final note of this bai hao oolong is subtle but significant, providing a delicate balance that rounds out the tea’s complex flavor profile. It is this enduring aftertaste that makes Oriental Beauty Oolong a favorite among tea enthusiasts, as it invites you to take another sip and continue exploring its nuanced flavors.

How to Determine the Quality of Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea?

For customers who want to buy good oriental beauty oolong tea, here are four tips you can follow to get good white tip oolong tea:

  • Leaf Appearance: High-quality Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea is distinguished by its visually striking leaves. Look for multi-colored leaves with hues of white, green, yellow, red, and brown. These colors indicate the tea’s unique production process, where the leaves are naturally oxidized by tea green leafhopper bites. The leaves should be tightly curled, resembling delicate flowers, and should have a visible layer of white fuzz or “bai hao,” which signifies young and tender leaves. This fuzz adds to the white tip tea’s distinct flavor profile and is a key indicator of superior quality. Avoid leaves that are overly dark or uniformly colored, as they may lack the complexity and depth characteristic of top-tier Oriental Beauty Oolong.
  • Aroma: The aroma of Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea is a critical quality marker. A high-quality white tip oolong will emit a strong, pleasant fragrance with dominant notes of honey and ripe fruit. This captivating aroma is a direct result of the natural fermentation induced by leafhopper bites. When you open a package of Oriental Beauty Oolong, the scent should be immediately noticeable and inviting. A faint or weak aroma may indicate lower quality or poor storage conditions. Additionally, the aroma should be clean and fresh, without any musty or stale notes. The enchanting fragrance of high-quality Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea is a precursor to its delightful taste.
  • Flavor Profile: The flavor profile of Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea is where its true quality shines. A premium white tip oolong tea will offer a complex and harmonious blend of sweet, fruity, and floral notes. The initial sip should reveal a smooth, honey-like sweetness, balanced with hints of peach or apricot. The flavor should be full-bodied and rich, with a silky texture that enhances the drinking experience. As you continue to sip, the flavors should evolve, revealing deeper layers of fruit and a subtle floral undertone. A high-quality Oriental Beauty Oolong will leave a lingering, pleasant aftertaste that invites you to take another sip. Avoid teas that taste flat, overly astringent, or lack the characteristic sweetness and complexity.
  • Brewing Performance: High-quality Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea performs exceptionally well during brewing. The leaves of good white tip oolong tea should unfurl beautifully, releasing their vibrant colors and complex flavors. A good quality tea will yield multiple infusions, with each infusion offering a slightly different flavor profile while maintaining the tea’s core characteristics. The liquor should be clear and bright, with an amber hue that is visually appealing. The taste should remain consistent and enjoyable through several brews, showcasing the tea’s versatility and depth. If the bai hao oolong tea quickly loses flavor or the liquor becomes murky, it may indicate lower quality. High-quality Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea is resilient and continues to deliver a delightful experience with each steeping.

What Makes Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea Special among the Oolong Tea Family?

Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea stands out among countless tea varieties due to its unique production process, distinctive flavor profile, and rich history. Here are top three reasons why this tea is truly special and highly prized.

  • Natural Leafhopper Interaction: One of the most unique aspects of Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea is its natural interaction with tea green leafhoppers. These small insects bite the tea leaves, triggering a natural fermentation process while the leaves are still on the plant. This process is pivotal in developing the tea’s distinctive flavor and aroma. The leafhoppers’ bites cause the white tip oolong tea leaves to release monoterpenes, which are responsible for the tea’s characteristic honey and fruit notes. This natural method of inducing flavor sets Oriental Beauty apart from other teas, which rely on controlled, post-harvest oxidation. Additionally, because leafhoppers thrive in pesticide-free environments, the cultivation of Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea supports eco-friendly farming practices. This natural interaction not only enhances the white tip tea’s taste but also promotes sustainable agriculture, making it a tea that is both delicious and environmentally conscious.
  • Multi-Colored Leaves: The appearance of Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea is as captivating as its flavor, characterized by its multi-colored dry leaves. These leaves exhibit a vibrant array of colors, including white, green, yellow, red, and brown, resulting from the unique processing and oxidation levels. The white tips, or “bai hao,” indicate the use of young, tender buds that are covered in a fine, silvery fuzz, signifying premium quality. The diverse coloration of the white tip oolong tea leaves is a visual representation of the bai hao oolong tea’s complex production process and the meticulous care taken at each stage. This colorful array not only signifies high quality but also enhances the visual appeal during brewing. Watching the leaves unfurl in hot water is a delightful experience, adding to the overall enjoyment and ritual of tea drinking. The multi-colored leaves are a testament to the tea’s exceptional craftsmanship and natural beauty.
  • Complex Flavor Profile: Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea offers a uniquely complex flavor profile that distinguishes it from other teas. The flavor journey begins with an immediate, smooth sweetness reminiscent of honey, a result of the natural fermentation process initiated by leafhopper bites. As the white tip oolong tea continues to unfold on the palate, delicate notes of ripe fruits such as peach and apricot emerge, adding layers of depth and intrigue. The semi-oxidized nature of the tea provides a perfect balance between the fresh, grassy notes of green tea and the robust, malty flavors of black tea. This duality creates a harmonious blend that is both refreshing and rich. The bai hao oolong tea’s silky texture further enhances the drinking experience, making each sip luxurious and satisfying. The lingering aftertaste is pleasantly sweet and slightly floral, inviting you to savor each moment. This complexity and depth make Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea an extraordinary sensory experience, perfect for both casual and connoisseur tea drinkers

Why Our White Tip Oolong Tea Taste So Good?

For customers who are struggle about where to buy oriental beauty oolong tea, here are five reasons why Oolong Garden is your best choice:

  • Exceptional Harvest Timing: At Oolong Garden, we ensure that our Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea is harvested at the perfect time. We pick the bai hao tea leaves during the peak of the spring season when the leaves are at their most tender and flavorful. This precise timing captures the essence of the white tip oolong tea’s natural sweetness and aroma, ensuring a vibrant and rich flavor in every cup. Spring is known for its optimal growing conditions, providing ample sunlight and cool breezes that help develop the unique characteristics of the tea leaves. By selecting the ideal moment for harvest, we guarantee that our white tip oolong tea delivers the freshest and most delightful taste experience, capturing the peak of nature’s bounty.
  • Meticulous Hand-Picking: Every leaf used in our Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea is hand-picked with great care. Our expert tea farmers select only the finest buds and leaves, ensuring that each batch meets our high standards of quality. This meticulous hand-picking process preserves the delicate characteristics of the white tip oolong tea leaves, preventing damage and maintaining their natural flavor. Hand-picking also allows for the selection of only the youngest, most tender leaves, which are crucial for producing a tea with the perfect balance of sweetness and complexity. The result is a bai hao oolong tea that embodies the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into every step of its production, reflecting our commitment to excellence.
  • Expert Processing Techniques: Our Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea is crafted using time-honored processing techniques that have been perfected over generations. The leaves undergo a carefully controlled withering, rolling, and semi-oxidation process, which brings out their full flavor potential. Each step is monitored to ensure the leaves reach the optimal level of oxidation, which is typically around 60-70%. This careful handling preserves the white tip oolong tea’s natural enzymes and enhances its characteristic honey and fruit notes. At Oolong Garden, we combine traditional methods with modern expertise to produce a tea that is both authentic and exceptional, providing a rich, nuanced taste that reflects the heritage of Taiwanese tea making.
  • Distinctive Aroma and Flavor: What sets our Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea apart is its distinctive aroma and flavor. The white tip oolong tea offers a delightful honey-like sweetness, complemented by subtle notes of ripe peach and apricot. This unique flavor profile is achieved through our careful cultivation and processing practices, which enhance the natural qualities of the bai hao tea leaves. The semi-oxidation process, influenced by the natural bites of tea green leafhoppers, results in a tea with a perfect balance of sweetness and complexity. The aroma of our tea is equally captivating, with a fragrant bouquet that prepares your senses for the rich taste that follows. The result is a tea that provides a truly memorable taste experience, enticing you with every sip.
  • Beautiful Leaf Presentation: The beauty of our tea leaves is unmatched. The multi-colored leaves of our Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea, featuring shades of white, green, yellow, red, and brown, are a visual testament to their high quality. These vibrant colors are a result of the unique oxidation process and the natural interaction with leafhoppers. The presence of white tips, or “bai hao,” indicates the use of young, tender buds covered in a fine, silvery fuzz. These visually appealing leaves not only signify the tea’s premium quality but also enhance the aesthetic pleasure of brewing and drinking our tea. Watching the leaves of our white tip oolong unfurl in hot water, releasing their captivating aromas and flavors, adds an extra layer of enjoyment to your tea experience, making each cup a feast for the eyes and palate

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Fair Trade, Gluten-free, Kosher, Low-calorie, Sugar-free, Vegan

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Antioxidant, Energy, Hydrating, Relaxing, Soothing


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Loose Leaf, Ready Serve

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Oolong Tea

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