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Our Rou Gui Oolong Tea, sourced from the renowned Niulankeng region in Mount Wuyi, embodies the rich heritage of traditional Chinese tea-making. Grown in the fertile, sun-dappled valleys of this mountain stream region, our rou gui oolong tea benefits from optimal growing conditions, including nutrient-rich soil and minimal sunlight, ideal for nurturing premium tea leaves. We harvest only once a year in the spring, ensuring that each leaf has ample time to mature and develop its robust flavor. Handpicked and meticulously crafted using ancient techniques, our Rou Gui Oolong undergoes three stages of slow, traditional charcoal roasting, locking in its distinctive spicy, cinnamon aroma.

The craftsmanship behind our Rou Gui Oolong is evident in every aspect of its presentation. The dry leaves are tightly curled, plump, and boast a lustrous, dark sheen, releasing a strong, spicy fragrance reminiscent of cinnamon upon brewing. The tea liquor is rich and velvety, delivering a bold, intense flavor with a smooth, lingering aftertaste that invigorates the senses. Each sip reveals layers of complexity, from the initial powerful taste to the long-lasting, sweet aftertaste. The tea leaves, once brewed, remain vibrant, elastic, and full of life, highlighting their superior quality and the meticulous care taken during production.

What Is Rou Gui Oolong Tea

Rou Gui Oolong Tea, named after the Chinese word for cinnamon, “Rou Gui” (肉桂), is renowned for its distinctive spicy aroma reminiscent of this beloved spice. Originating from the fertile Niulankeng region in Wuyishan, this rou gui tea is celebrated for its unique flavor profile and high quality. The name “Rou Gui” reflects the tea’s characteristic cinnamon scent and flavor, making it a standout among other Wuyi rock teas. This tea is a perfect choice for those seeking a robust, aromatic experience with a rich cultural heritage.

Rou Gui Oolong Tea has a storied history that dates back to the Qing Dynasty. It has been cherished for centuries, particularly in the Wuyi Mountains, where it was initially cultivated. The unique terroir of this region, with its mineral-rich soil and ideal microclimate, contributed to the tea’s development and popularity. Over the years, Rou Gui has gained a reputation not only in China but also globally, as tea connoisseurs seek out its distinctive qualities. Its historical significance and enduring popularity make it a treasured variety of oolong tea.

The production of Rou Gui Oolong Tea involves meticulous craftsmanship and traditional techniques. The process begins with handpicking the finest first-flush spring leaves, ensuring the highest quality. These leaves undergo a series of steps, including withering, rolling, and oxidation. The tea is then subjected to three stages of slow, traditional charcoal roasting, a method that enhances its depth of flavor and locks in its spicy, cinnamon notes. This careful processing results in tightly curled, plump leaves that produce a rich, velvety tea liquor with a bold, complex flavor profile

Features of Our Rou Gui Ooolong

  • Ingredients: Our Rou Gui Oolong Tea is made from handpicked, first-flush spring leaves, ensuring the highest quality and freshness.
  • Origin: Sourced exclusively from the Niulankeng region in Wuyishan, known for its optimal growing conditions and rich tea heritage.
  • Appearance: The tea leaves are tightly curled, plump, and display a lustrous dark hue, indicative of their premium quality.
  • Aroma: Upon brewing, the tea exudes a powerful, spicy cinnamon fragrance, a hallmark of authentic Rou Gui Oolong.
  • Flavor: The tea liquor is rich, velvety, and bold, offering a complex profile with an intense initial taste followed by a smooth, lingering sweetness.
  • Quality: Produced using traditional methods, our tea undergoes three stages of slow, charcoal roasting, enhancing its depth and locking in its unique flavors.
  • Leaf Characteristics: Post-brewing, the leaves remain vibrant, elastic, and full of life, reflecting their superior quality and the meticulous care in production.
  • Brewing Experience: Each sip delivers a powerful and invigorating flavor, with a long-lasting aftertaste that is both sweet and satisfying.
  • Harvesting Method: Our tea is harvested once a year during spring, allowing the leaves to fully mature and develop their robust flavor.
  • Traditional Craftsmanship: The rou gui tea is crafted using ancient techniques, including hand rolling and traditional charcoal roasting, to preserve its authentic taste and aroma.

What Does Rou Gui Oolong Tea Taste Like?

From the first sip of our rou gui oolong, you are greeted with a bold, robust flavor that is both invigorating and satisfying. The initial taste is characterized by its distinctive cinnamon spice, a unique feature that sets Rou Gui apart from other oolong teas. This spicy note is both warm and slightly sharp, evoking the comforting essence of cinnamon bark.

As you continue to sip, rou gui reveals its deeper layers. The flavor transitions to a smooth, velvety richness that coats the palate, offering a creamy texture that balances the initial spice. This velvety mouthfeel is accompanied by a subtle sweetness that lingers, providing a delightful contrast to the bold, spicy beginning. The complexity of flavors unfolds gradually, allowing you to appreciate the nuanced interplay between the tea’s robust body and its sweeter undertones.

The aftertaste of Rou Gui Oolong Tea is exceptionally long-lasting and refreshing. Once the initial spice subsides, a sweet, floral note emerges, leaving a pleasant, lingering finish. This aftertaste is not just sweet but also has a hint of mineral richness, reflecting the unique terroir of the Wuyi Mountains where the tea is grown. The combination of these flavors creates a harmonious balance that is both satisfying and memorable.

Furthermore, the aroma of Rou Gui Oolong Tea enhances the overall tasting experience. The brewed tea exudes a fragrant bouquet of cinnamon and floral notes, which complements the tea’s flavor profile perfectly. Each cup of Rou Gui Oolong Tea offers a multi-sensory experience, engaging not just your taste buds but also your sense of smell.

How to Determine the Quality of Rou Gui Oolong Tea?

For customers who are new to rou gui tea, here are four tips you can follow to learn how to select among various kinds of rou gui tea:

  • Appearance of the Dry Leaves: High-quality Rou Gui Oolong Tea’s dry leaves should be tightly curled, plump, and exhibit a dark, lustrous sheen. This tight, rolled structure indicates skilled hand processing and proper roasting techniques. Additionally, the leaves should be uniform in size and shape, reflecting meticulous handpicking. Any broken or uneven leaves might suggest inferior quality or machine processing. The dark, glossy appearance is a sign of well-oxidized leaves that have undergone traditional charcoal roasting, locking in the essential flavors and aromas unique to Rou Gui Oolong.
  • Aroma of the Dry and Brewed Tea: High-grade Rou Gui should have a distinct, strong cinnamon spice fragrance in its dry form, hinting at its characteristic flavor profile. Upon brewing, the tea should release a complex bouquet of aromas, combining spicy, floral, and slightly sweet notes. The intensity and complexity of these aromas reflect the tea’s proper processing and roasting. A weak or flat aroma suggests lower quality or improper storage, while a rich, fragrant brew indicates a premium, well-preserved tea.
  • Flavor Profile and Mouthfeel: As for flavor profile and mouthfeel,  premium Rou Gui should deliver a bold, spicy cinnamon flavor upfront, followed by a smooth, velvety texture that coats the palate. The tea should have a well-balanced complexity, with layers of flavors including subtle sweetness and mineral undertones. The mouthfeel should be rich and satisfying, leaving a long-lasting, pleasant aftertaste. Inferior teas might lack this depth, presenting a flat or astringent taste instead. A high-quality Rou Gui provides a harmonious and intricate flavor experience.
  • Condition of the Brewed Leaves: After brewed, top-quality Rou Gui Oolong Tea leaves should unfurl completely, revealing their full size and vibrant color. The leaves should be thick, soft, and elastic to the touch, demonstrating their resilience and freshness. They should also exhibit a uniformity in size and shape, indicative of careful handpicking and processing. If the leaves appear broken, thin, or discolored, it suggests poor quality or mechanical processing. Well-preserved, vibrant leaves signify high-grade tea that has been processed and stored with great care

Why Our Rou Gui Oolong Tea Tastes So Good?

Our Rou Gui Oolong Tea from Oolong Garden stands out due to its exceptional quality, traditional craftsmanship, and unique flavor profile. For customers wondering where to buy good rou gui oolong, here are top five reasons why Oolong Garden is your best choice:

  • Premium Origin: Our Rou Gui Oolong Tea is sourced from the prestigious Niulankeng region in Wuyishan, an area renowned for its ideal tea-growing conditions. The fertile soil, high humidity, and minimal sunlight create the perfect environment for tea cultivation. This unique terroir imparts a distinctive mineral richness and complexity to the tea, enhancing its flavor and aroma. The specific microclimate of Niulankeng contributes to the robust and spicy cinnamon notes that are characteristic of high-quality Rou Gui Oolong Tea, making every sip a delightful experience.
  • Single Annual Harvest: We harvest our Rou Gui Oolong Tea only once a year during the spring, ensuring that each leaf has ample time to mature and develop its full flavor potential. This single annual harvest allows the tea plants to accumulate essential nutrients, resulting in a more robust and flavorful tea. By focusing on one high-quality harvest, we ensure that our tea leaves are at their peak freshness and potency. This careful selection process guarantees that each batch of our Rou Gui Oolong Tea offers an unparalleled taste experience, reflecting the best qualities of the tea plant.
  • Handpicked First-Flush Leaves: Our tea is made exclusively from the first-flush leaves, handpicked during the early spring. These young, tender leaves are the most sought-after due to their superior flavor and aroma. The careful handpicking process ensures that only the best leaves are selected, avoiding any damage that could affect the tea’s quality. First-flush leaves provide a fresh, vibrant flavor with a higher concentration of natural oils and antioxidants. This meticulous selection process results in a tea that is not only delicious but also rich in beneficial compounds, enhancing both the taste and health benefits of our Rou Gui Oolong Tea.
  • Unique Flavor Profile: The distinctive taste of our Rou Gui Oolong Tea is a result of its unique flavor profile. The tea offers an initial burst of bold, spicy cinnamon flavor, followed by a smooth, creamy texture that coats the palate. The complex interplay of spicy and sweet notes creates a harmonious and satisfying drinking experience. This rich, multi-layered flavor profile is further complemented by a long-lasting, sweet aftertaste that lingers, making each sip more enjoyable. The careful roasting process and high-quality leaves ensure that our Rou Gui Oolong Tea delivers a consistently exceptional taste that stands out from other teas.
  • Rigorous Quality Control: At Oolong Garden, we adhere to strict quality control standards to ensure that every batch of our Rou Gui Oolong Tea meets the highest standards of excellence. From the careful selection of tea leaves to the precise roasting process, every step is meticulously monitored. This rigorous quality control ensures that our tea retains its rich flavor, vibrant color, and aromatic qualities. By maintaining high standards, we guarantee that our customers receive only the best, most flavorful tea. The commitment to quality at every stage of production makes our Rou Gui Oolong Tea a superior choice for tea enthusiasts




First Grade, Premium Grade


Cinnamon Aroma, Floral and Fruity Aroma, Fruity Aroma, Peach Aroma, Strong Fruity Aroma


50g/1.76oz, 100g/3.53oz, 250g/8.82oz, 500g/17.64oz




Oolong Garden


Low Caffeine


Fair Trade, Gluten-free, Kosher, Low-calorie, Sugar-free, Vegan

Harvest Region

Mount Wuyi, Fujian Province

Health Benefits

Detoxing, Energy, Metabolic, Relaxing, Slimming, Soothing





Forms & Package

Loose Leaf, Ready Serve

Fermentation Level

Heavily Fermented

Roasting Level

Medium Roasted

Tea Type

Oolong Tea




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