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Bai Rui Xiang Oolong Tea, renowned for its exceptional fragrance, is a high-aroma variety from the Wuyi Mountains. The dried leaves of our Bai Rui Xiang oolong tea emit a delicate, sweet scent, and the appearance is characterized by tightly rolled, uniform strips with a glossy, dark finish. Upon brewing, the tea yields a bright red infusion with a distinct floral aroma reminiscent of white jasmine and osmanthus. The taste is mellow and sweet, offering a pure and refreshing sensation on the palate.

This exquisite tea boasts a refined and long-lasting aroma, with each infusion revealing different layers of its fragrance. Named after the Ruixiang flower due to its similar scent, Bai Rui Xiang Oolong stands out among Wuyi teas for its unique and evolving aroma profile. Originating from the revered Wuyi Mountains, this tea is a hidden gem, celebrated for its elegant and complex character, making each brew a new experience. Our Bai Rui Xiang Oolong is meticulously crafted using traditional techniques, including a patient, medium-fire roasting process. The leaves are plump, slightly curved, and uniformly tight, displaying a fresh, reddish-brown hue with a rich, lingering dry aroma. The brewed tea is clear and vibrant orange-red, offering a thick, creamy floral fragrance with a pronounced rock charm. After steeping, the leaves are fully unfurled, revealing a yellow-green color with distinct red edges and a lasting, fresh aroma

What Is Bai Rui Xiang Oolong Tea

Bai Rui Xiang Oolong Tea is a highly aromatic variety of Wuyi Rock Tea. This tea is cultivated in the rocky terrain of the Wuyi Mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Fujian Province, China. The unique terroir of this region, characterized by its mineral-rich soil and misty climate, imparts a distinctive character to the tea, making it highly sought after by tea connoisseurs.

Historically, Bai Rui Xiang Oolong Tea has been cherished for its elegant and complex aroma, which closely resembles the scent of jasmine and osmanthus flowers. The tea is named after the Ruixiang flower due to its similar fragrance. The traditional cultivation and processing methods, passed down through generations, ensure that each batch of tea retains its unique qualities. The production process includes careful plucking, withering, shaking, oxidation, fixation, rolling, and drying, which collectively enhance the tea’s aromatic and flavor profiles.

The appearance of Bai Rui Xiang Oolong Tea is marked by tightly rolled, glossy leaves that unfurl beautifully when brewed. The infusion yields a clear, vibrant orange-red liquor with a rich, lingering aroma and a pure, refreshing taste. Each sip offers a mellow, sweet flavor with a pronounced rock charm and a creamy floral aftertaste. This tea is a testament to the traditional craftsmanship of Wuyi tea producers and a true representation of the region’s rich tea heritage.

Features of Our Bai Rui Xiang Tea

  • Ingredients: Our Bai Rui Xiang Oolong Tea is made from carefully selected tea leaves from the Wuyi Mountains, known for their premium quality and distinctive fragrance.
  • Origin: Our tea originates from the Wuyi Mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Fujian Province, China, renowned for its unique terroir that imparts a special character to the tea.
  • Appearance: The dried leaves are tightly rolled, uniform in size, and exhibit a glossy, dark color. When brewed, the leaves unfurl to reveal a yellow-green hue with distinct red edges.
  • Aroma: Our Bai Rui Xiang is celebrated for its high and elegant aroma. The fragrance is a complex blend of floral notes, particularly reminiscent of white jasmine and osmanthus, with each infusion revealing different layers.
  • Flavor: The tea offers a mellow and sweet taste with a pure and refreshing sensation. The infusion is thick and creamy, with a pronounced rock charm and a lingering floral aftertaste.
  • Quality: Our tea is crafted using traditional methods, including a medium-fire roasting process. The careful production process ensures that the tea retains its distinctive aroma and flavor. The final product is a clear, vibrant orange-red brew with a rich, lingering aroma.
  • Brewing: When brewed, our tea produces a bright red infusion that is clear and vibrant. The brewed leaves are fully unfurled and display a fresh, glossy appearance, indicating high-quality processing.
  • Unique Characteristics: Named after the Ruixiang flower due to its similar scent, our Bai Rui Xiang Oolong Tea stands out for its unique and evolving aroma profile, making each brew a distinct experience.
  • Traditional Craftsmanship: Our tea is produced following traditional techniques passed down through generations, ensuring a product that respects the heritage and quality standards of Wuyi Rock Teas.

What Does Bai Rui Xiang Oolong Tea Taste Like?

When Bai Rui Xiang tea is brewed, the tea presents a clear, vibrant orange-red liquor, inviting you with its visual appeal. As you take your first sip, the initial impression is one of smoothness and balance. The tea’s body is medium to full, providing a satisfying mouthfeel that is both rich and comforting.

The flavor profile of Bai Rui Xiang Oolong Tea is complex and layered, offering a delightful interplay of floral and fruity notes. The dominant taste is a sweet, floral essence reminiscent of jasmine and osmanthus, which is where the tea gets its name, “White Jasmine Fragrance.” This floral sweetness is pure and pronounced, enveloping your palate with a delicate yet persistent charm. As you continue to sip, subtle undertones of ripe fruit emerge, adding depth and intrigue to the flavor.

One of the standout features of Bai Rui Xiang Oolong Tea is its rock charm, a characteristic unique to Wuyi Rock Teas. This mineral-rich quality provides a distinct, slightly earthy undertone that enhances the tea’s overall profile. The combination of floral sweetness and mineral notes creates a harmonious balance that is both refreshing and invigorating. The aftertaste is long-lasting, leaving a creamy, floral finish that lingers pleasantly on the palate.

Each infusion of Bai Rui Xiang Oolong Tea reveals new facets of its complex flavor, making it a tea that can be enjoyed multiple times with different nuances emerging in every brew. The aroma of the tea, both in the dry leaves and the brewed infusion, is intensely fragrant and adds to the overall sensory experience. Drinking Bai Rui Xiang Oolong Tea is like embarking on a journey through the floral landscapes of the Wuyi Mountains, offering a taste that is both sophisticated and enchanting.

How to Determine the Quality of Bai Rui Xiang Oolong Tea?

For customers wondering how to buy good bai rui xiang oolong tea, here are four tips you can follow:

Tip 1. Appearance of the Dry Leaves: High-quality Bai Rui Xiang Oolong Tea can be identified by the appearance of its dry leaves. Look for leaves that are tightly rolled and uniform in size. The leaves should have a glossy, dark color, indicating proper oxidation and roasting. High-quality tea leaves will also have a plump and slightly curved shape. The overall visual appeal of the dry leaves, including their consistency and sheen, is a good initial indicator of the tea’s quality. Any signs of broken leaves, uneven sizes, or dull coloring suggest lower quality.

Tip 2. Aroma of the Dry Leaves: The aroma of the dry leaves is another crucial indicator of Bai Rui Xiang Oolong Tea’s quality. High-quality leaves will emit a strong, distinct fragrance that is reminiscent of jasmine and osmanthus flowers. This floral aroma should be both pure and complex, with multiple layers that invite you to explore further. When you take a whiff, the scent should be fresh and lingering, filling your senses with a promise of the exquisite flavor to come. If the aroma is weak or lacks complexity, it is likely that the tea is of inferior quality.

Tip 3. Flavor Profile: The true test of quality for Bai Rui Xiang Oolong Tea lies in its flavor profile. Upon brewing, the tea should produce a vibrant orange-red liquor that is clear and bright. The taste should be smooth and well-balanced, with a pronounced floral sweetness and a hint of fruitiness. High-quality Bai Rui Xiang Oolong will have a complex and layered flavor, featuring the characteristic rock charm unique to Wuyi teas. The tea should leave a long-lasting, creamy floral aftertaste that lingers on the palate, signaling its superior quality.

Tip 4. Quality of the Brewed Leaves: After brewing, the quality of the tea leaves can be assessed by examining their appearance. High-quality Bai Rui Xiang Oolong leaves will unfurl fully, revealing a fresh yellow-green color with distinct red edges. The leaves should be whole and plump, indicating careful processing. Additionally, the brewed leaves should retain a fragrant aroma and show a glossy, vibrant appearance. The consistency and integrity of the leaves after brewing are clear indicators of meticulous craftsmanship and high-quality production. Any signs of broken or discolored leaves suggest lower-quality tea.

Why Our Bai Rui Xiang Oolong Is So Good?

Our Bai Rui Xiang Oolong Tea stands out for its exceptional quality and unforgettable taste, crafted with precision and care from the finest tea leaves in the Wuyi Mountains. For customers wondering where to buy bai rui xiang oolong tea, here are five reasons why Oolong Garden is your best choice:

Premium Leaf Selection: Our Bai Rui Xiang Oolong Tea is made from carefully selected, high-quality leaves harvested from the pristine Wuyi Mountains. These leaves are chosen for their perfect maturity and optimal flavor profile. The meticulous selection process ensures that only the best leaves, rich in essential oils and nutrients, make it into your cup. This attention to detail guarantees a tea that is both aromatic and flavorful, providing an unparalleled drinking experience.

Traditional Craftsmanship: We adhere to traditional crafting methods that have been perfected over generations. The leaves undergo a precise process of withering, shaking, oxidation, and roasting, all carefully monitored to enhance their natural characteristics. This method preserves the tea’s unique floral and fruity notes while adding depth and complexity. The result is a tea that not only tastes great but also embodies the rich heritage of Wuyi tea-making traditions.

Unique Terroir: The unique terroir of the Wuyi Mountains contributes significantly to the exceptional taste of our Bai Rui Xiang Oolong Tea. The mineral-rich soil, high altitude, and misty climate create ideal growing conditions for the tea plants. These factors impart a distinct “rock charm” to the tea, characterized by its mineral undertones and robust flavor. This terroir-driven quality sets our tea apart, making it a truly unique and delightful beverage.

Expert Roasting: Our tea is expertly roasted to bring out its best qualities. The medium-fire roasting process is performed with great care to ensure that the tea develops a rich, creamy texture and a complex flavor profile. This roasting technique enhances the tea’s natural sweetness and floral aroma, providing a balanced and harmonious taste. The expert roasting also ensures a long-lasting, satisfying aftertaste that leaves you craving more.

Exceptional Aroma: The aroma of our Bai Rui Xiang Oolong Tea is a testament to its superior quality. The dry leaves exude a captivating floral fragrance, while the brewed tea releases a complex bouquet of jasmine and osmanthus notes. This enchanting aroma enhances the overall drinking experience, making each sip a sensory delight. The lingering fragrance of the tea, both in the cup and on the palate, is a hallmark of its exceptional quality and craftsmanship.


Premium Grade


50g/1.76oz, 100g/3.53oz, 250g/8.82oz, 500g/17.64oz




Low Caffeine


Oolong Garden


Fair Trade, Gluten-free, Kosher, Low-calorie, Sugar-free, Vegan

Fermentation Level

Heavily Fermented


Floral, Fruity

Harvest Region

Mount Wuyi, Fujian Province



Forms & Package

Loose Leaf, Ready Serve

Tea Type

Oolong Tea

Health Benefits

Detoxing, Energy, Metabolic, Relaxing, Slimming, Soothing

Roasting Level

Heavily Roasted


Hot & Iced




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