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Experience the exquisite fusion of flavors with our Peach Oolong Tea, crafted from premium oolong tea leaves and freeze-dried peach chunks. Our  Tie Guan Yin oolong tea is harvested in peak season, ensuring naturally aromatic and tightly rolled leaves that offer a smooth, full-bodied taste. The peaches are selected from ripe, sun-kissed fruits, and freeze-dried at -35°C to lock in their fresh, juicy essence without using additives, colorings, or flavorings. This meticulous process preserves the vibrant color and intense natural sweetness of the peaches, resulting in a tea that is refreshingly fragrant and delightfully satisfying. Our Peach Oolong Tea stands out with its clear, orange-yellow liquor and the unique combination of floral tea notes and rich, fruity peach flavors. The golden ratio of peach to oolong tea creates a harmonious blend where the tea’s natural sweetness is perfectly balanced with the succulent, aromatic peach pieces. When brewed, the tea leaves and peach chunks unfurl fully, releasing a tantalizing aroma and a rich, flavorful infusion that is neither bitter nor astringent. T

What Is Peach Oolong Tea?

Peach Oolong Tea is a unique and aromatic blend that marries the rich, floral qualities of high-grade oolong tea with the succulent sweetness of ripe peaches. The name signifies this perfect combination: “Peach” highlights the fresh, juicy fruit used in the blend, while “Oolong” represents the carefully selected tea leaves. This tea is designed to provide a delightful and refreshing experience, capturing the essence of both ingredients in every sip

The creation of Peach Oolong Tea represents a modern twist on traditional tea-making practices. Oolong tea, with its roots in ancient tea culture, has long been revered for its complex flavors and health benefits. The addition of peaches to this classic tea base is a contemporary innovation aimed at enhancing its natural taste. This blend caters to the evolving palate of tea enthusiasts who seek unique and flavorful combinations. Over time, Peach Oolong Tea has gained popularity for its delightful balance of rich oolong and fruity peach notes.

Crafting Peach Oolong Tea involves a detailed process to ensure premium quality and flavor. The oolong tea leaves are meticulously hand-picked and undergo a precise fermentation process that enhances their rich and complex taste profile. Concurrently, fresh peaches are selected and freeze-dried at temperatures around -35°C, a method that preserves their natural sweetness and nutritional value. This freeze-drying technique effectively removes moisture while maintaining the integrity and flavor of the fruit. The final step involves blending these freeze-dried peach pieces with the oolong tea leaves, resulting in a tea that is both aromatic and full of natural flavor, free from any additives or artificial enhancements

Features of Our Peach Oolong Tea

  • Ingredients: Our Peach Oolong Tea is made with premium oolong tea leaves and freeze-dried peach chunks, ensuring a natural, additive-free blend that captures the essence of both components.
  • Origin: The oolong tea leaves are sourced from high-altitude regions, renowned for their exceptional quality and rich, complex flavors. The peaches are selected from sun-kissed, fertile lands, ensuring they are juicy and full of natural sweetness.
  • Appearance: The tea leaves are tightly rolled and exhibit a vibrant green color with a sandy green tint, while the peach chunks are bright and appealing, indicating their freshness and high quality.
  • Aroma: This tea exudes a delightful fragrance, combining the floral notes of oolong tea with the sweet, fruity scent of ripe peaches, creating an inviting and refreshing aroma.
  • Flavour: Experience a harmonious blend of smooth, full-bodied oolong tea and the succulent, sweet flavor of fresh peaches. The peach oolong tea offers a balanced taste with a natural sweetness and a slight tanginess from the peaches, making it a truly enjoyable beverage.
  • Quality: Our Peach Oolong Tea undergoes a meticulous selection and processing method, including a precise 36% fermentation of the oolong tea leaves and advanced freeze-drying technology for the peaches. This ensures the preservation of natural flavors and nutrients without any additives or artificial ingredients.
  • Tea Liquor: The brewed tea has a clear, orange-yellow hue, indicating its purity and high quality. The tea liquor is bright and transparent, providing a visually appealing and flavorful tea experience.
  • Aftertaste: Enjoy a smooth, sweet aftertaste with every sip. The balanced flavor profile leaves a lingering sweetness and a gentle floral note, making it a perfect choice for any time of day.
  • Health Benefits: Our Peach Oolong Tea is rich in antioxidants from both the tea leaves and the peaches, offering a refreshing drink that also supports overall well-being.
  • Unique Selling Point: This blend offers a unique and captivating flavor profile, combining the best qualities of oolong tea and fresh peaches. It’s an ideal choice for those seeking a refreshing, aromatic, and flavorful tea experience.

What Does Peach Oolong Tea Taste Like?

When brewed, this peach oolong tea presents a clear, orange-yellow liquor that is both visually appealing and indicative of its high quality. Upon the first sip, you will notice the smooth, velvety texture of the oolong tea. The tea leaves, meticulously rolled and carefully fermented, produce a robust, slightly creamy base. This foundation is beautifully balanced by the bright, succulent flavor of the peaches. The peaches used in this blend are freeze-dried at peak ripeness, ensuring that their natural sweetness and vibrant flavor are fully preserved. This meticulous process results in a peach taste that is refreshingly authentic and invigorating.

As you continue to enjoy the tea, the flavor profile unfolds in layers. The initial rich and floral notes of the oolong are seamlessly enhanced by the juicy, sweet tang of the peach. This combination creates a harmonious interplay between the deep, complex flavors of the tea and the light, fruity essence of the peach. Each sip offers a perfect balance, where neither the tea nor the peach dominates, allowing you to appreciate the full spectrum of flavors.

The aftertaste of Peach Oolong Tea is particularly noteworthy. It leaves a lingering sweetness on your palate, coupled with a subtle hint of floral undertones. This pleasant finish ensures that the delightful taste of the tea stays with you long after you’ve finished your cup, providing a satisfying and memorable experience.

How to Determine the Quality of Peach Oolong Tea?

  1. Visual Assessment: For good peach oolong tea, the oolong tea leaves should be tightly curled and exhibit a vibrant, fresh green color with hints of sandy green, which indicates that the leaves are fresh and have been processed with care. The peach pieces should appear bright, well-shaped, and natural-looking, without any signs of discoloration or deterioration. These peach chunks should be uniformly distributed throughout the tea blend. A high-quality tea blend will look visually appealing, with a mix of tightly rolled leaves and vibrant peach pieces, signaling that the ingredients have been handled with precision. This visual appeal not only assures you of the tea’s quality but also hints at the rich, refreshing flavor that awaits you.
  2. Aroma Evaluation: When it comes to the aroma of good Peach Oolong Tea, when you first open the package, you should be greeted with a fragrant, natural scent that combines the floral, slightly creamy notes of the oolong tea with the sweet, fruity aroma of ripe peaches. This enticing fragrance should be strong and pure, free from any artificial or chemical smells, which would indicate inferior quality or the use of additives. The natural aroma is a sign that the tea and peach pieces have been preserved in their most authentic state. A high-quality Peach Oolong Tea will have a distinctive and inviting aroma that makes you eager to brew a cup and enjoy its delightful flavors.
  3. Flavor Profile: A high-quality blend of peach oolong tea will offer a balanced and harmonious flavor profile that showcases both the oolong tea and the peach pieces. When you take your first sip, you should experience the smooth, full-bodied taste of the oolong tea, characterized by its rich, floral notes and slightly creamy texture. This initial flavor should be followed by the sweet, juicy, and refreshing taste of the peach. The blend should be well-balanced, with the tea and peach flavors complementing each other without one overpowering the other. The aftertaste should be clean and lingering, leaving a pleasant sweetness on your palate. There should be no bitterness or artificial aftertastes, indicating the use of premium, natural ingredients.
  4. Brewed Tea Examination: Once brewed, for goodPeach Oolong Tea, the oolong tea leaves should unfurl completely, becoming soft and supple, which shows that they were properly rolled and processed. The brewed liquor should be a clear, bright orange-yellow color, indicating the purity and high quality of the tea. The clarity of the liquor is a good sign of minimal impurities and careful processing. The peach pieces should remain intact and visible, adding to the visual appeal of the brewed tea. This not only enhances the drinking experience but also indicates that the peaches were properly freeze-dried and blended. These characteristics reflect the meticulous production process and the freshness of the ingredients, ensuring that each cup of Peach Oolong Tea provides a consistently excellent and enjoyable experience.

Why Our Peach Oolong Tea Tastes So Good?

Experience the perfect harmony of fresh oolong tea leaves and succulent peach pieces, meticulously crafted to deliver a uniquely refreshing and flavorful cup. For customers wondering where to buy peach oolong tea, here are top five reasons why Oolong Garden is your best choice:

  1. Premium Oolong Tea Leaves: Our Peach Oolong Tea uses only the finest oolong tea leaves, handpicked at the peak of their freshness. These leaves are carefully processed to preserve their natural flavor and aroma. The result is a tea that offers a smooth, full-bodied taste with rich, floral notes and a slightly creamy texture. Each sip provides a delightful balance of robust oolong flavors, ensuring a consistently superior tea experience. The meticulous selection and processing of these leaves guarantee that every cup of our Peach Oolong Tea is a true indulgence.
  2. Sun-Ripened Peaches: We use fresh, large, 80%-ripe peaches that are sun-ripened in fertile, rain-fed orchards. These peaches are freeze-dried at around -35°C to lock in their natural sweetness and vibrant flavor. This innovative process ensures that the peaches retain their juicy, fruity essence without the need for additives. The result is a tea that bursts with the authentic taste of ripe peaches, perfectly complementing the oolong tea. Our careful selection and processing of the peaches ensure a naturally sweet and aromatic tea that is both refreshing and satisfying.
  3. Zero Additives, Pure Ingredients: Our Peach Oolong Tea is made with zero additives, colorants, or artificial flavors. This commitment to purity ensures that you enjoy a natural and healthy tea experience. The absence of chemicals and artificial ingredients means that the flavors you taste are purely derived from the oolong tea leaves and the freeze-dried peach pieces. This purity not only enhances the taste but also provides peace of mind that you are consuming a wholesome product. Our dedication to using only natural ingredients sets our tea apart in both quality and flavor.
  4. Perfect Blend Ratio: The golden ratio of peach to oolong tea is meticulously maintained in our blend. This balance ensures that the sweet, fruity notes of the peach perfectly complement the rich, floral flavors of the oolong tea. Neither ingredient overpowers the other, creating a harmonious and well-rounded flavor profile. The result is a tea that is smooth, balanced, and immensely enjoyable. This precise blending process is key to achieving the delightful taste that our Peach Oolong Tea is known for, making it a favorite among tea enthusiasts.
  5. Careful Crafting Process: Our Peach Oolong Tea undergoes multiple rounds of careful scenting to ensure that the peach aroma and flavor are perfectly infused into the oolong tea leaves. This labor-intensive process ensures that each leaf absorbs the essence of the peaches, resulting in a tea that is rich in both aroma and flavor. The scenting process is done with great attention to detail, ensuring that the final product offers a truly aromatic and flavorful experience. This dedication to craftsmanship is evident in every cup, making our tea a standout choice.

First Grade


175g/6.17oz (50 bags), 350g/12.35oz (100 bags)


Oolong Garden


Fair Trade, Gluten-free, Kosher, Low-calorie, Vegan



Health Benefits

Detoxing, Energy




Hot & Iced



Forms & Package

Tea Bag

Tea Type

Herbal Tea, Oolong Tea

Fermentation Level

Lightly Fermented

Roasting Level

Lightly Roasted


Low Caffeine

Harvest Region

Anxi, Fujian Province


Peach Tea


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