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Harvested once a year during the sunny to partly cloudy days of April and May, our shui jin gui oolong tea embodies the essence of traditional craftsmanship. The leaves, plucked at the perfect stage with three to four open leaves, are skillfully processed through an ancient charcoal roasting technique over 24 hours, resulting in a medium-light fire profile. This method enhances the shui jin gui tea’s signature plum blossom aroma and imbues the leaves with a lustrous green-brown hue, exhibiting a natural, plump, and beautifully loose appearance

Our Shui Jin Gui Oolong Tea brews to a clear, orange-yellow liquor that is smooth and refreshing to the palate. The aroma is long-lasting and ethereal, reminiscent of plum blossoms, while the flavor of this golden water turtle oolong tea is rich, sweet, and robust, showcasing the distinctive “rock charm” unique to Wuyi tea. The leaves, after brewing, reveal a soft and vibrant texture with thick, even edges highlighted by a striking red hue, bordered with green. This not only speaks to the tea’s superior quality but also provides a visually appealing experience. Embrace the luxurious taste and tradition of Shui Jin Gui Oolong Tea with every sip!

What Is Shui Jin Gui Oolong Tea?

Shui Jin Gui Oolong Tea, also known as “Golden Water Turtle,” is a prestigious Wuyi rock tea from the famed Wuyi Mountains in Fujian Province, China. The name “Shui Jin Gui” symbolizes its distinctive color and shape, where “Shui” means water, “Jin” means golden, and “Gui” means turtle, reflecting the tea’s golden hue and the leaf’s resemblance to a turtle’s back. This unique name highlights the tea’s vibrant appearance and its cultural significance.

Shui Jin Gui Oolong Tea has a rich history dating back to the Ming Dynasty. It is one of the four famous Wuyi rock teas, celebrated for centuries for its unique flavor and aroma. The  golden water turtle oolong tea was initially cultivated in the Wuyi Mountains, an area renowned for its ideal tea-growing conditions. Over time, Shui Jin Gui gained prominence for its exceptional quality and distinctive characteristics, becoming a highly sought-after tea among connoisseurs and scholars. Its historical significance is preserved through traditional methods, ensuring the authentic taste remains unchanged.

The processing of Shui Jin Gui Oolong Tea is a meticulous and labor-intensive craft. Harvested once a year in April and May, the leaves are handpicked under optimal weather conditions. The freshly picked leaves undergo withering, rolling, and fermentation, followed by a unique charcoal roasting process that spans 24 hours, creating a medium-light fire profile. This traditional roasting technique, known as “ancient carbon roasting,” enhances the tea’s complex flavors and rich aroma. The result is a tea that boasts a harmonious blend of sweetness, richness, and the signature “rock charm” unique to Wuyi teas.

Features of Our Shui Jin Gui Oolong Tea

  • Ingredients: Made from carefully selected tea leaves, picked according to strict standards, ensuring the highest quality.
  • Origin: Grown in the renowned Wuyi Mountains, Fujian Province, China, known for producing exceptional rock teas.
  • Appearance: Features plump, naturally loose tea leaves with a green-brown, oily sheen, and distinct, beautiful strips.
  • Aroma: our golden water turtle tea boasts a unique, long-lasting aroma that resembles the delicate scent of plum blossoms.
  • Flavor: Delivers a rich, sweet, and robust taste with a smooth, refreshing finish, showcasing the distinctive “rock charm” of Wuyi teas.
  • Quality: Handpicked once a year during April and May under sunny to partly cloudy conditions; processed using traditional charcoal roasting for 24 hours to achieve a medium-light fire profile.
  • Brewing: Brews to a clear, orange-yellow liquor that is visually appealing and enticing.
  • Leaf Condition: After brewing, the leaves of golden water turtle oolong tea reveal a soft, vibrant texture with thick, even edges highlighted by a striking red hue, bordered with green, indicating superior quality and careful processing.
  • Craftsmanship: Adheres to ancient processing methods to preserve the traditional essence and enhance the tea’s unique characteristics.
  • Experience: Provides an exceptional tea-drinking experience with its balanced blend of aroma, flavor, and visual appeal, making it a prized choice for tea connoisseurs.

What Does Golden Water Turtle Oolong Tea Taste Like?

As you take your first sip of golden water turtle oolong tea, you’ll notice its smooth and velvety texture, which glides effortlessly across your palate. The initial flavor is rich and robust, with a deep sweetness that is both satisfying and invigorating. This sweetness is balanced by a subtle hint of bitterness, creating a complex flavor profile that is both intriguing and delightful. One of the most distinctive characteristics of Shui Jin Gui Oolong Tea is its enchanting aroma. The tea’s scent is reminiscent of delicate plum blossoms, which is both floral and slightly fruity. This aromatic profile adds an extra layer of complexity to the drinking experience, as the fragrance enhances the overall flavor and leaves a lasting impression.

As you continue to savor the golden water turtle tea, you’ll notice its distinctive “rock charm,” a term used to describe the mineral-rich taste that is unique to Wuyi rock teas. This mineral quality adds depth and body to the tea, making each sip more fulfilling and substantial. The tea’s medium-light roast further accentuates its natural sweetness and imparts a gentle toasty note that lingers pleasantly after each sip.

The finish of Shui Jin Gui Oolong Tea is smooth and refreshing, leaving your mouth feeling clean and rejuvenated. The aftertaste is long-lasting, with a lingering sweetness and a hint of floral notes that invite you to take another sip.

How to Determine the Quality of Shui Jin Gui Oolong Tea?

For customers who are new to golden water turtle tea, here are four tips you can follow to determine the quality of shui jin gui tea:

  • Leaf Appearance: High-quality Shui Jin Gui Oolong Tea is characterized by its plump, naturally loose leaves with a vibrant green-brown hue. These leaves should have a glossy, oily sheen, which indicates they have been properly processed and are fresh. When inspecting the dry leaves, look for consistency in size and shape; they should be tightly twisted and robust. Any presence of broken or fragmented leaves might suggest a lower grade. The distinctive “turtle shell” pattern on the leaves is a hallmark of premium Shui Jin Gui, reflecting meticulous handpicking and traditional processing methods. The leaves should be visually appealing, with clear, well-defined edges, and no signs of dullness or discoloration, ensuring a superior tea experience.
  • Aroma: Superior golden water turtle oolong tea will emit a long-lasting and intricate fragrance reminiscent of plum blossoms. This floral scent should be clean, distinct, and without any musty or stale undertones. When the tea is brewed, the fragrance should become even more pronounced, filling the room with its enchanting and delicate scent. The presence of a strong, clear aroma signifies careful roasting and proper storage, preserving the tea’s unique characteristics. A high-quality Shui Jin Gui should have an aroma that captivates and invites, reflecting the intricate processing and craftsmanship involved in its production.
  • Flavor Profile: A high-quality Shui Jin Gui Oolong Tea offers a rich, robust flavor with a harmonious balance of sweetness and slight bitterness. The initial sip should be smooth and velvety, revealing layers of complexity as you continue to drink. The taste should have a distinctive mineral quality, known as “rock charm,” adding depth and body to the tea. Additionally, the flavor should linger pleasantly, leaving a long-lasting, sweet aftertaste with subtle floral notes. Any astringency or harshness can indicate lower quality or improper processing. This intricate flavor profile is a testament to the meticulous roasting process and the superior quality of the tea leaves used.
  • Brewed Leaf Condition: Premium Shui Jin Gui Oolong Tea will have vibrant, soft leaves that fully unfurl, showcasing their thick and even edges with a striking red hue bordered by green. This visual appeal indicates careful processing and high-quality leaves. The texture should be tender yet resilient, without any signs of brittleness or discoloration. The uniformity and brightness of the brewed golden water turtle oolong tea  leaves are strong indicators of the tea’s overall quality and the meticulous craftsmanship involved in its production. Observing these characteristics ensures you are experiencing the full depth and richness of Shui Jin Gui Oolong Tea

Why Our Shui Jin Gui Tea Is So Good?

Discover the exquisite taste and superior quality of our Shui Jin Gui Oolong Tea, crafted to perfection to offer a truly unique tea experience. For customers wondering where to buy shui jin gui tea, here are four top reasons why Oolong Garden is your best choice:

  • Premium Handpicked Leaves: At Oolong Garden, we adhere to strict harvesting standards, selecting only the finest leaves. Our Shui Jin Gui Oolong Tea is harvested once a year during April and May, ensuring each leaf is at its peak. Handpicked under optimal conditions, the leaves of golden water turtle tea are chosen for their plumpness and vibrant green-brown hue. This meticulous selection process ensures that only the best leaves, rich in natural flavors and nutrients, make it to your cup, delivering a tea that is both exquisite in taste and high in quality.
  • Traditional Charcoal Roasting: Our Shui Jin Gui Oolong Tea undergoes a unique charcoal roasting process that spans 24 hours. This ancient method enhances the golden water turtle oolong tea’s natural sweetness and adds a delicate toasty note. The medium-light fire profile achieved through this process accentuates the complex flavors and aromas, creating a harmonious blend of richness and subtlety. This meticulous roasting technique is key to unlocking the tea’s full potential, providing a taste experience that is both sophisticated and deeply satisfying.
  • Distinctive “Rock Charm”: Grown in the mineral-rich soil of the Wuyi Mountains, our Shui Jin Gui Oolong Tea boasts a unique “rock charm.” This distinctive mineral quality adds depth and body to the tea, offering a robust and full-flavored experience. The mineral-rich environment contributes to the tea’s complex flavor profile, making each sip a journey through layers of taste that reflect the rich heritage of the Wuyi Mountains. This natural terroir sets our tea apart, providing an unparalleled drinking experience.
  • Enchanting Plum Blossom Aroma: One of the standout features of our Shui Jin Gui Oolong Tea is its enchanting aroma, reminiscent of delicate plum blossoms. This captivating scent is a result of careful processing and proper storage, ensuring the tea retains its natural fragrance. The floral aroma of our golden water turtle oolong tea enhances the overall drinking experience, inviting you to savor each sip. The lingering fragrance not only pleases the senses but also complements the tea’s rich flavor, making it a delightful and memorable experience.

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Low Caffeine


Oolong Garden


Fair Trade, Gluten-free, Kosher, Low-calorie, Sugar-free, Vegan

Fermentation Level

Heavily Fermented


Like plum blossom fragrance

Harvest Region

Mount Wuyi, Fujian Province



Forms & Package

Loose Leaf, Ready Serve

Tea Type

Oolong Tea

Health Benefits

Balancing, Detoxing, Digestive, Energy, Slimming

Roasting Level

Medium Roasted


Hot & Iced




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